My experience with the Grizzl-e EVSE that we bought

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Feb 21, 2021
I helped my friend buy a level 2 outdoors EVSE for your Bolt, and after researching this blog, we decided on a Grizzl-e Classic. I liked the idea that they seemed to be a smart young company who seemed attentive to quality. My friend who happens to be a single woman with zero technical understanding of the world was in agreement. It turned out that she was shipped a bad one that lasted about 1 week and abruptly died. Talk about buyers remorse: you think you have chosen a company that should be great with a very strong reputation among the EV crowd. We thought that they had some 'splainin to do about shipping her a piece of crap, but they had no sympathy at all. She could ship the unit back, but they would not pay for her electrician's labor or for her shipping. Their attitude was no - we don't do that - we don't care what you have to say.

Now it may be their policy to do this, and they may feel that they have no way of accommodating any requests like this, but the whole experience was a real negative. They apparently saw no value in trying to make her feel better, and they stuck to their policy. To me this is the kind of cold short-sighted attitude that hurts a young company. You expect a big corporation to treat you that way, but a little one: you feel like they might try and play the "customer is always right" card. I am just putting this out to warn you that they are not going to try and give you a hug - just cold business. Myself, I think this kind of company needs to have an attitude like North Face or Yakima - where they want to reassure the customer that they have their back. Judging from the language they used, I don't think they ever heard of the idea that "the customer is always right."

Since they swapped the lemon for a working model, there has been no problem with the unit. I have nothing negative to say about the product - just the management.
Sorry to hear about your friend's experience. I'm not sure any company would have paid for the uninstall/re-install, but at least they should have paid for shipping.
FWIW I haven't had a problem with my ClipperCreek but I had a very good experience with their customer service before I bought it (answering questions on the phone, answering emails, etc). Same for JuiceBox. But I don't know how they would be if I had a defective unit.
I seems to recall that several years ago Enel bought the very small eMotorWerks, (maker of JuiceBox). The experience might not be the same these days, since a multi-national and a small local business just don't run the same way.