Need help I cannot charge it at home with my 120-volt portable charge cord

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Sep 25, 2020
Hi there, thanks for reading my post.

I'm having an issue with charging my Chevy Bolt EV 2019 with my 120-volt portable charge cord at my garage. It just shows red on my charging cord and I have no idea how to solve it. I googled it online but I didnt see a similar result. Does anyone here know how to solve this? Appreciate your help.
It might be a bad charger but here's some things to look at:
1. You can set the charging amps in the settings. I'd try the lowest one and see what happens.
2. Move the charger to an outlet on another circuit.
3. Take a picture of your dash when you have the charger plugged in and post it here. Maybe we can get some clues from that.
- According to the owner's manual ..

A solid Red indicator light on the charge cord means:

"Electrical System Fault: The charge cord has detected a
missing or improper ground within the building's electrical
system. Do not use an electrical outlet that is not properly
grounded. Use another electrical outlet or have a qualified
electrician inspect and verify the building's electrical system".

A Flashing red light means:

"Vehicle Fault: The charge cord ground-fault circuit interrupter
(GFCI) has tripped. Ensure that there is no physical damage
to the charge cord, and that the vehicle plug is seated
completely and making a good connection. Reset the charge
cord by unplugging it from the electrical outlet and
re-plugging it. If the fault remains, see an authorized dealer
for service".
Thank you all! I think I have figured out the root cause, the grounding issue. I’m looking for a way to solve it.
Hi: I've been having this issue this weekend. The GFCI on my outdoor outlet (installed 2007, waterproof cover, etc.) was not tripped, but I reset anyway. The cord flashed red when I plugged it in inside the house too. I'm assuming there was a power surge or something in my end-of-the-line rural town and the cord tripped, which is fine and good. Are we saying that it actually re-sets if you just unplug and re-plug? (If so that didn't work a few days ago but I can try again.) Very frustrating. I think I'm in warranty (2.5 years); local parts department says he gets requests for sales only once every six months, and has no recollection that malfunction is the typical reason why.
As I recall, our Chevy EVSE's cannot be plugged into an outlet on. CFGI.

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