Sudden problem charging my 2017 Volt

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Apr 27, 2020
I purchased my Volt (new) in Oct 2017 and it has been charging fine until recently. I recently moved my Volt to a new home with a newly installed Juicebox Pro 40. The 1st time that I charged the Volt it appeared to charge more rapidly than usual. Subsequently it has been charging much more slowly. Last night my wife charged it all night long and it wasn't completely charged in the morning. Is this something that has been reported with this model of Volts in the past? I have a call into Enel X support to see what info that they can share with me. It is stored in a relatively warm garage (70-80F) and has never been below 60F since I have owned it.
Thanks for any thoughts or advice.

Off-topic question. I have a 2008 f150 supercab with 6.5' bed. I need to buy a tonneau cover for it to help with gas milage and to increase storage since I travel a lot between school and home and sometimes with others who have more cargo than can fit in the back seat of the cab. I want to spend around $300 for a roll up soft cover since we also use the bed a lot for hauling furniture and large items. I am just not sure about what type to get. ( has a guide thing, but I wanted some advice before I spend the money. I am not sure about the brand or what type to get (snap, snapless, or velcro). I don't know anything about the snapless and it looks like it would let rain water into the bed pretty easily. Have heard people say not to get velcro because it gets junk in the velcro and doesn't shut properly after a time. Snap seems like the most reasonable but I live in Illinois and we have pretty harsh temperature differences and with the snap I am worried about temperature change and that making the cover either sag or put stress on the snaps to distort them or even snap off themselves. Any advice on what you have experienced or what you know would be helpful.
This is a Bolt forum (an all-electric vehicle). I believe that it might be called the "Opel Ampera-e" in Europe.

Are you asking about a Volt (a plug-in Electric/gasoline hybrid) ? If so, this is the wrong forum for that.