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Jan 12, 2015
This picture doesn't look like an SAE combo quick charge plug...


But the official comment from GM is that the "Bolt EV concept is also designed to support DC fast charging."
Does that mean there's a different charge input somewhere on the vehicle, or they just haven't finalized the plug yet?
You're right, looks like a simple J1772 plug to me. Maybe this is a proof of concept vehicle that they rushed to get out to the show - it does say it is a concept, so it isn't totally production ready.

Also there's a chance (I'm not holding my breath though) that they will humble up and give Tesla a call, and negotiate a supercharger deal haha :D

I do wonder if GM has a fast-charging infrastructure plan though to take on Tesla, especially if the Bolt EV is to compete directly with the $30,000-ish Tesla Model E
Tesla need not worry - this is a Chevy Spark crossed with a Honda Fit EV, with some of the bad front end elements of the i3.
idknow said:
Tesla need not worry - this is a Chevy Spark EV crossed with a Honda Fit EV, with some of the bad front end elements of the i3.

Let's first see if Tesla will actually bring the Model 3 by 2017, and then see if they can bring it at around the same price-point, (some experts are guessing it will be closer to $50,000 than the $30,000 Tesla has been advertising), then we will see if Tesla has something to worry about.
I wouldn't bet against Tesla.

Yes, to achieve mass market price and have 200 or more miles range means a small and light vehicle, and those constraints apply to Tesla as well. However, Elon and Tesla have impressed before with their design, function and range.
I've been thinking about this - GM better have at least a dual 3.3kW charger option, or start with a 6kW charger base. There are way too many people that say it takes too long to charge at only 3.3 kW.

Also with a faster 6 or 6.6kW charger, then you can utilize the entire 'after midnight' period that utilities want you to use to charge up.
If GM only uses a 3.3kW charger with a 50 kWh battery pack, than that would be a pretty clear sign that GM doesn't actually want to sell many of these!

The way Mary is pushing this to market, I think she wants this thing to succeed, so it will need at least a 6.6kW charging option.
I'm guessing Chevy will go with more than ~7kW charging option.
3.3 is fine for a plug-in hybrid, but not a pure BEV

Plus, I'm betting they'll put some sort of quick charge as an option