Northern Virginia Service Departments?

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Aug 20, 2019
Hi folks,

For those in Northern VA, where do you take your car for service? I tried Jim McKay Chevrolet (they had the best ratings on Washington Consumer's Checkbook for their service department) but they called and told me that they don't have an EV technician anymore. I bought my Bolt Used from a dealer out in MD which is not convenient to where I live and now it's time for 30K mile service.

Does anyone have any recommendations for service departments that they like, or ones to avoid? I know the car doesn't need a lot done to it when i do get it serviced.


2017 Arctic Blue BOLT Premier
As I recall, the only “service” that was performed by my Chevy dealer every 7,500 miles before I returned my 44,640 mile lease was rotating the tires and software updates, as needed.

You can get the tires rotated anywhere appropriate and I believe you can do software updates through OnStar.