Once I can test drive it...

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Same here - I am feeling like I need to purchase the Bolt EV, so I don't have to restrict how many miles we drive it.

Have you put your name on the list at your local dealer as interested? I will try to do this at some point soon.
evdriver said:
The Bolt may be my 3rd electric vehicle, I can't wait to take it for a test drive!

Congrats! Which EVs have you owned so far? How does Bolt EV compare to those?
We drive a Leaf and an e-Golf. My extended family owns 5 other EV's, and they include an i3 and a couple of i MiEV's, as well as 2 more Leafs. Seven EV's in total in my extended family.

I think the Bolt EV will be more comfortable and roomy than the i3, and obviously the longest range, by a lot.
The more I read about the Bolt EV here the more I believe GM have a monster hit on their hands. The car appears to excel compared to current generation EV's in almost all categories.

Can't wait to see one in the wild. Hope they do a tour offering test drives prior to the official launch date. Nissan did such a tour for the LEAF with reservations on test drives. I was sold the minute I drove it.