Rear body vent location?

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Jun 25, 2017
Our kids have noticed that the AC does not make it to the back seats as well as our past cars.

The trick in past cars was to set the intake to "fresh air" and that would create positive pressure in the cabin which would push air our the rear body vents and thus "draw" the cold air toward them.

Most other cars have the rear body vents in the trunk, the spare tire well, the C-pillars or the bottom of the rear passenger doors. I have not run across them in the BoltEV yet; has anyone happen to have seen them?

PS: kid issue was worked around by getting them USB fans (they love playing with them too). I am, however, still motivated to look into the primary cause of the cold air failing to make it to the back seats.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any tips on where to look.
I found it for anyone else who is curious -- it is way up under the rear bumper; interior-wise it is behind the rear panel above the spare tire well:


DucRider -- thanks for the reply; I was aware of the intake duct location(s); what I was looking for was where the air exits when the cabin has positive pressure. Where the air exists influences where air travels within the cabin.