Recruiting Bay Area Bolt drivers who considered a fuel cell vehicle for a one hour interview

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Aug 2, 2018
Hello -

I am a researcher at Arizona State University working with researchers at USC and University of Nevada - Reno studying how people decide whether or not to buy or lease a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle (FCV). I realize this group is for electric vehicle owners, but some of this group’s members in California may have considered a FCV before deciding to drive a Bolt. The reason we're posting this request about FCVs here is that it's hard to find lists of people who chose NOT to purchase an FCV - especially since it is such a rare event. Therefore, if you (1) are over 18 years of age and live in the Bay Area, (2) have purchased or leased an EV or other alternative, and (3) seriously considered any of the FCVs available in California, we would LOVE to talk to you.

I will be in the Bay Area from August 3rd - August 9th, and would like to meet for a face-to-face interview lasting no more than one hour at a time and place convenient to you. We will thank you for your time with a $35 Amazon gift card. All information is retained in confidence per ASU's Institutional Review Board guidelines. If you are interested, pm me or email [email protected] to schedule an interview. You can learn more about the study at