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Jan 14, 2016

I agree with this. It's a very intuitive and user friendly interface. It's got a clean modern look and layout and responds with near zero lag. I'm lovin' the CarPlay - wish my Tesla had it.
The reviewer apparently knows little about user interface design.
For example, the Bolt entertainment display has many elements that are ambiguous, such as the elements along the bottom of the display - some are buttons, some are only displays, but they look the same.
Further, they did a lousy job with Android Auto, using only 2/3 of the screen for maps.
Have any pro look over the Bolt UI, and they will walk away laughing - it was designed by a committee, and it shows.
The reviewer didn't need to be an expert in user interface design. He wrote it from the perspective of an average user. If an "expert" were to laugh at the Bolts design, he would absolutely roll in the floor over the Tesla interface. My Tesla's big screen is sure nice but the actual usage is not particularly obvious nor intuitive.