The EV Show 2019 - Saturday, June 8 - San Marcos, California USA

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Update #2 - The EV Show 2019

‪Event date: June 8, 2019‬
Dear registered Electric Vehicle enthusiast,
With only about a week to go, work is fast and furious to get ready for the big show!
Don't forget that this event benefits Eli Home.
For the past 36 years, Eli Home has led the way in breaking the cycle of child abuse in Southern California. Proceeds from the beer and wine garden help this cause.

If you are using Facebook, we have started a fund raiser for this good cause at this link:
You can also donate in person, at the event.
There is one change to our program. We intend to have everything ready to go by ‪11am‬, including food, music and beverages, so while the event doesn't officially start ‪until 12 noon‬, hopefully we won't have hundreds of people all trying to arrive exactly ‪at 12 noon‬! Let's call ‪11am‬ our "soft open".
Don't forget to tell all your friends or family about the show, particularly those friends who might have an interest in electric vehicles, or green transportation. There's no better way to make a "convert" than to come to a show like this one.
Food, beer and wine will be onsite for purchase, and we will be updating the menus in the coming days at this link:
We have the following food and drink vendors confirmed for the show:

** Coffee Cheers  (serving beverage)

** Big Nose Winery

** Moonage Food (serving food / beverage)

** Organic Food Truck  (serving food / beverage)

** Stumblefoot Brewing  (serving alcohol beverage)

** Wave Soda  (serving beverage)
Live music confirmed:
** Justin Paul Sanders (live music - guitar)

** Freemartin (band)
We will have event t-shirts at the show, in a wonderfully ecletic color. Any EV owner will be proud to wear one of these!
We keep adding to the vendor list, so there should be plenty of exciting electric vehicles to see and potentially test drive (from participating auto dealers).
See ya next week!
Questions? Call Jennifer @ 760-798-0342 or email [email protected]