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Dec 3, 2021
I just installed an Emporia 240V charger (capable of delivering up to 40 amps to the car) in my garage. The new charger seems to be working correctly—all the lights indicate that the charger is connected properly to my 2022 Bolt EV—but the car won’t charge. When I open the car door, the display tells me that the car is “Unable to charge.” I believe there’s some setting in the Energy section of the car setup that is incorrect (the car happily charges using the 120V charger supplied with the car), but I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Can anyone help?
Hello odonnes1! ..

It looks like you may have to change some settings/do a wifi setup procedure using the emporia app.

the following PDF may help you do that:


They also have support available as follows:

[email protected]
1-844-EMPORIA (367-6742)
UPDATE: I just spoke to Emporia tech support. Great guy, explained that I actually had the unit's charging capability turned off in the app (duh!), and then took the time to walk me through other ways to control charge times, charging levels, etc. So, bottom line, I recommend Emporia for its product and its tech support.
Heree is a link to the Emporia User manual (PDF) so that you can search the document on your computer :