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New member
Feb 22, 2024
Denver, CO
Let me first start by saying I am a newbie to the EV world. I have a 2020 Chevy Bolt EV with the battery update ( not replacement). I want to try to figure out what happened to my target charge level and why it is stuck at 30 percent (so I only get 60 or 70 miles depending on weather, during, etc). When I try and adjust the Target Charge Level, I toggle it up (+) and it jumps right back to 30 percent, I toggle it down (-) and it goes back to 30 percent. When I first purchased the car a few months ago, it would charge to 80 percent. Also, I have tried charging with wall, Level 2, and level 3 chargers. But even at level 2 or 3 chargers it only charges at the rate of 5 kWh.
Thx for your time and apologies if this has already been addressed in previous posts.
This sounds like a problem that a dealer will likely be the best option. Limitations on charging can be because of a battery issue. If you have resolved this could you please post what was you found out and how it was resolved.