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Our 2019 Premier Bolt has been very reliable, except for...
the console screen not waking up sometimes when starting car (then doing so 4 min later), a grinding noise (like parking brake applied in motion) when unlocking and opening a door, and a failed tire pressure sensor. It's got 40+K on it and had the battery replaced under recall, as well as a seat belt restrainer and various software upgrades that we are now asked to pay for, even under extended warranty. All upgrades should be free forever.

The black screen issue (not uncommon) seems to have been fixed via software. The grinding noise may have been too, and the sensor was surely broken when mounting new tires at a Chevy dealer. It took two months of hassling two dealers to get it fixed under extended warranty.

All in all, we are very happy with the car, but on trips mileage goes down. We live in MA, and it almost always needs a charge to drive up to Butlington VT, 220 miles away, even when we start out with 300 range (lots of hills). In summer it averages 5mi/kwh, sometimes reaching 6, and in winter under 4.

Good enough, but we still need to take extra time on trips. We charge at work on L2 for about $.06/kwh (subsidized), as opposed to L1 at home at $.35/kwh.
Hi everybody.
I always liked the Bolt EV. Finally, circumstances came together to make it a great choice for me.
I purchased a 2022 Bolt EV, from Hertz about a week ago.
I live in Long Island, NY, and the car is perfect for driving around the island.
So far I love it. We also have a Pacifica Hybrid, which I thought was very smooth, but now, when I got back into it, after a week of Bolting, I was amazed, how sluggish and heavy everything felt.
I love how I can instantly get great acceleration, and feel like I am in a jet taking off ;-)
I also got a hang of the one pedal driving, it feels very natural now, it only took me a day to get used to it.
Also driving to work for 1/4 of what I used, to is a nice perk.