What did you do with/in your Bolt today?

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Dec 19, 2023
It seems we dont have much of a general check in thread so here we are.

What did you do to/in your Bolt today? Take a trip? Just drive around? Did you work on it?

Let us all know what you did, no matter how small. It's just good to check in.
I replaced my floor mats with GM Bolt rubber mats I bought with my GM rewards earned by buying my 2023 Bolt EV in December. I previously had a 2020 and before that a 2018. The 2023 is a great improvement over the 2020.
I have a 2020 Bolt and was curious about your comment that the 2023 was a big improvement over my model. Would love to hear more details about that, please do explain. I was planning to turn in my 2020 lease and buy a 2023, but there were absolutely no discounts or promotions available at the time and a new lease would have been 2-3x as expensive as my previous lease (inflation), so I was pretty much forced to buy out my vehicle...which I now have to keep for awhile.
Mainly the interior is nicer with little quality features like stitching around the dash and more comfortable front seats. Also, it charges faster to a higher level. I can get 260 using my 110 outlet at home. Also, the screen layouts are much better. My wife thinks it has a more comfortable ride as well. She never liked my 2020 or my 2018. I leased and had to pay more than my 2020, but I think now it was worth it. I can buy it at the end of the lease for only $14k.

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