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May 14, 2017
I got my first EV, the 2017 Bolt in sunburst orange, in May of 2017. I loved that little car - unique and fun to drive. I gave it up in June of 2020 when the lease was up (Chevy doesn't offer deals) and got the Tesla model Y.

Pain of the early adopter! I had so much trouble getting my town to give me a permit (they had no idea what to do) for a level 2 charger, that after I finally paved the way for others I joined the Environmental Commission thinking I could do something. Two years (and a helping run a couple of NDEW events) later, I ran for Township Council. I've been Council President for over two of those years and just got re-elected to my second term. I finally got my town to buy a couple of EVs and last month I gave a presentation at the Annual NJ League of Municipalities Convention on encouraging EVs and charging in your town. I made sure to have a couple of pictures of "Ladybug" in my slide deck.

So life with an EV takes odd turns now and then.20170508_162115 (1).jpg