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Sep 21, 2017
What is considered a good good deal for total cost of ownership for a fully-loaded Premier Bolt (2 packages + DCFC) 12K miles/year lease over 3 years (not taking into account any rebates as they are state and/or utility specific)?

Depends on where you live, and that doesn't just mean rebates. California, sounds like $9-10k for a 36month Premier lease is about normal. Mass can get deals near there, too. Most of the country, you should probably wait as the prices are ridiculously high (like in my state, Colorado).

This is due to some states (MA/CA) requiring manufacturers to sell a certain number of ZEVs in the state. Basically, when you buy a Bolt in CA, you also give GM a coupon to sell a bunch of Silverados they couldn't otherwise sell, so they're willing to cut you a deal.
AshMania said:
Does the 9-10K number include the state rebate or not? I am in MA...

The average TCO seems to vary by state, judging from the deals posted to this bulletin board, with the best prices available on the West Coast and in New England.

When I calculate TCO, I include all costs and rebates, including the state rebate -- anything that is related to the direct purchase of the car itself. I don't include insurance or home charger or electric bills, all of which depend on the driver rather than on the car.

In Massachusetts, for a fully-loaded Bolt Premier, I believe that a good TCO is $3,600-$4,200 per year for a 15k-mile lease. From this base amount:

- Reduce the annual TCO above by $300/year for a 12k-mile lease, or by $500/year for a 10k-mile lease.
- Reduce the annual TCO above by around $1,000/year for a fully-loaded Bolt LT instead of Premier.

In California, I believe that the annual TCO can be reduced yet another $500/year, compared to the numbers above, thanks to dealer incentives and state/utility rebates.

It's worth pointing out that all of these lease rates are amazingly good, and are thanks to the current crop of generous government incentives. I mean, these lease rates are around half of what you would pay for an equivalently-priced ICE car. Right now, late 2017, is a great time, perhaps even the best time, to lease an electric car. In three more years, when the incentives will (probably) all be expired, the prices of electric cars are likely to be much higher than present-day.
During this 2017 summer, here in WA, there weren't and still aren't attractive leases from the GM website or the dealership; $4585 down and $407 a month. That's around $18,000 - $19,000 TCO. No way that worked for us.

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