What's this "identifier" thing?

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May 22, 2020
My dealership wants to sell me an identifier. Something along the line of, "If your car is stolen, and we can't find it, you get $3k" (or more if certain conditions apply). I'll ask more when I go back but the guy texted it would "stop the ability to make a 2nd VIN" or selling parts to a shop. IDK, if someone steals a Bolt (would one?), are the going to chop it up and sell parts?


PS I made a joke about arranging its theft when I wanted a new one. They looked very uncomfortable. Made it even funnier. To me! Which is all I care about anyway.
I suppose it's some sort of GPS tracking device that's hidden in your car. Kind of like LoJack, which has been around for awhile.
Yeah, woe to the guy who tries to "hot wire" a Bolt :eek: :shock: :cool: