Year-end 2019 EV sales numbers

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Sep 11, 2016
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(These are U.S. sales, not global)

Quarterly Plug-In EV Sales Scorecard :

We'll be reporting 2019 Q4 EV Sales beginning Friday, January 3, and continuing throughout the following week. However, it's important to note that there will still be some missing data since many automakers refuse to report EV sales. Nonetheless, stay tuned in the coming days as we'll be beginning to add automaker reported numbers to the chart for the last few months.

Highlights :
- Tesla Model 3 crushes all other OEM's EVs combined (nothing new here, folks)
- Tesla Model X sells more than any non-Tesla BEV (nothing new here, folks)
- no vendor besides "the big EV three" (Tesla, GM, Nissan) sells a BEV with even half as many sales as "the 3" (BMW and VW come the closest, around 5K)
- Surprisingly, Bolt and LEAF sales down compared to last year (the Bolt is down for 2nd straight year)
Thanks for the link. It looks like 2.6% of all cars sold in the US were EV's (Sept data)

Total sales: