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Oct 10, 2016
2017 Bolt Premier w/surround view camera system:

Left the Subway Sanwich shop; had to back out of my parking spot, go about 40 yards to the main road, then turn left onto the road. Noticed that the cameras were still active and the radio wasn't playing. Travelling at 45 Mph or so.. Had to reboot the infotainment system by holding the Home and Fast Forward buttons for several seconds.

This was strange enough, but:

The same thing happened a few months ago, at the exact same place. (!) I go to the Subway Shop once/week at most. Nearly all my driving is local, 5 miles or so at a time, but am confident enough of the Bolt that I've given up my ICE car.

I've had the car 2 years and 5 months, 40,000+ miles on it. No other problems.

Anyone else?

My 2017 Bolt LT's screen occasionally gets stuck with the rear camera on. (the car still drives fine)
I think it happens sometimes when I don't let the infotainment screen boot fully before 'shifting' it into gear.
It's probably best not to rush that .. mine boots up pretty quickly. ;)

Our EV's don't have the warmup issues that gas cars have (yay!) but as with other computer electronics
there probably is some software booting time required.

I'm usually rolling before the infotainment is booted up, it's kinda slow. It gets a head start, too, as I ALWAYS push the Start button, then fasten my seatbelt. Will see if I can replicate it, maybe on Sunday. (that's my Subway day)
Happened to me once. In my 2020 Bolt.
Was fun for a while. But since it was locked on the video could not use the radio.
I always have the same set of steps when getting in ANY car :

1- open door, sit, blah, blah
2- turn on car (gas: crank engine; EV, push button)
3- BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE, put foot on brake (if not already there) and put on on seatbelt
4- check all dials and gauges on instrument panel (including, most importantly, "fuel")
5- check/adjust (mirror, seat, music, heat, etc.)
6- look around "the cockpit" and make sure there's no loose stuff that is going to be rolling around while driving
7- take off emergency brake, shift into gear, leave

(5 and six can be switched, and sometimes pretty much skipped)

The "wait" (while I am doing useful stuff) allows the car to "boot up". In a gas-mobile, it allows the oil pressure to come up to a safe level before putting a load on the engine. In an EV, it allows to the computer (including infotainment system) to be fully booted. If I am in the gasmobile and it is cold and in garage, I will "creep" out of the garage slowly and let the car idle a little bit OUTSIDE of the garage to warm up.

The real key is #3 - that allows about 3-6 seconds for the car to "get ready". The rest is just because I might as well make sure everything is "right". It only takes a few seconds, so it really doesn't matter how late I think I am (10 seconds really doesn't make a big difference for almost everything).
As a last resort, you can "reset" the computer by unhooking the 12V battery. I had to do it once....I removed the negative lead (10mm wrench) and let it sit for about 10 seconds, then reconnected. Everything was back to normal. I don't remember but it probably reset my settings to factory, so you should double check if you do that.