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Oct 20, 2016
Hi- It's been a long time since I posted because the Bolt has been virtually trouble free.

I have noticed a few times, about 1 out of 4 times, that if I use the My Chevrolet App to check on my car while it is charging on a public level 2 charger, it temporarily stops the charging for 1 or 2 minutes then the car resumes charging.

Sometimes I get the "your car is not charging message" and sometimes I do not. When I cross check with say, the ChargePoint app, Chargepoint confirms that the car stopped charging for a while (kw draw went from 6kw to zero, then back to 6kw after a few minutes).

Took me a while to realize the pausing in charging coincided with my "dialing in" via the my Chevrolet App.

This is in a 2020 Bolt.
When I had a 2017 Bolt I never experienced this.

Has anyone else noticed this?