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Jan 21, 2017
We don't seem to have this thread yet. This is a place where we can note special appearances of the Bolt in TV and movies etc.

I'll add the first one then... Geostorm should probably not be your first pick for a great movie to see this weekend, especially if you have any interest in Physics, Science, or Filmmaking, but it does feature an on screen appearance of a Light Blue Bolt about 30 minutes into the film. When Gerard Butler's daughter is getting picked up by her mom, mom drives up in a Bolt. It's only medium and long shots, but it's a Bolt. It may be the best reason to go see the film though.

It's just a matter of time till the car makes an appearance in a music video - keep your eyes peeled.

When I was watching Barrett Jackson auctions last weekend one of the announcers was previewing a car in the staging lanes and there was a huge billboard in the background with the standard Chevy website Bolt EV add on it.
There was mention of "Who bought the Chevy Bolt in the driveway" in the first season of Silicon Valley
Yes, it is necessary to somehow keep our eyes peeled. Thanks for the informative thread! I'll be checking it later!