Frustrating inability to connect phone with Bluetooth

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New member
Jul 2, 2020
2020 Chevy Bolt
LG Q7+ Android phone

When I connect my phone to my Bolt's entertainment system with bluetooth, the following problems occur:
  • - Connection works for 30 seconds,
    - Disconnected for 30 seconds,
    - Repeat forever
    - I cannot turn off blue tooth from my phone; it is over ridden and constantly turns back on
    - I cannot turn off the radio or the entertainment system - it just comes back on and at high volume (25)

This happens no matter what - with or without phone plugged into car with USB, with and without WiFi running, while driving and while stationary.

There are several annoying side effects, all of which are extremely distracting:
  • - Music played over bluetooth skips worse than when we used to drive around bumpy roads with CD's playing.
    - Phone calls switch between my handset and the audio system. When switched back to my handset, the radio comes on loudly (see above). I cannot prevent this happening while a call is in progress.

Interestingly, Android Auto seems to work fine (which is to say it has all of its kinks and problems, but as normal), and I have tried with both bluetooth allowed and disallowed in Android Auto.

The only way to stop it is to delete my phone from the list of connected devices.

Here's the kicker. My wife's phone can connect just fine to the system and can make stable phone calls.

Is this a phone problem, or a car problem? My phone can connect to other bluetooth devices just fine (portable speakers, smart TV for smart cast). If it is a car problem, how do I go about getting it fixed without spending time in the car with a stranger in COVID-infected Florida?

Thanks for any input, or similar stories!