GM announces Ampera-e in Norway in June!

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Feb 18, 2016
Norway gets the Ampera-e in June 2017
Price is set at 299,900 kr with delivery included (approx 33,000 euros)

Then the Netherlands, then France, then Germany.

Late 2017, or early 2018 depending on production, is when the rest of left-hand-drive Europe will see it.
SparkE said:
jimmyjon said:
33,000 Euros. Yikes that's high!

You're kidding, right? That's less than the price in the U.S.
I was going to come back with a smart retort about your knowledge of the euro, but when I checked the exchange rate it was just 1.04 euros to the dollar :shock:

So yeah, it really is cheap. And wow, the euro sure has fallen!
Off course the equipment list for Norway is not known yet so price for a loaded version might be substantially higher.
I made several test drives with the Chevy Bolt last week in California and it is a pleasure to drive, it used 142 wh per km with heater on or 130 with alle accesoires off
I gave ordered one in the Netherlands and expect to get it in May
I have signed a contract for an Opel Ampera-e with all the available equipment for 334.000 NOK equals 39.200 USD. Delivery in june. I know all the available equipment; it differs slightly from the Bolt.
Tried to order one in The Netherlands (don't really care what it costs: I WANT ONE NOW ... sorry :D ). Anyway, I tried three different dealers and they all claim they cannot (yet) sign any contract. Details (little things like prices and options) are not clear yet but due to arrive soon. Delivery May or June (2017 I hope).

Hee, Gideon, nice to see you are here too (Eric).
This is the opposite of the IONIQ Ev - it's already on sale in Finland and it's only coming to North America later this month.