Opel CEO says the AMPERAe coming to Norway in May

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Feb 18, 2016
At least a month ahead of the scheduled June date for Norway, Opel CEO says the Ampera-e is coming in May:

Apparently the launch date has been moving up due to 'overwhelming demand' but of course the nay-sayers think it's because of lack of Bolt EV demand in the USA :p

After Norway comes France and Germany:

“The availability of the Ampera-e will be limited due to a slow ramp-up of production at the Orion plant in Michigan. Therefore, we made a decision to go with a staggered introduction plan going first with the countries that already have some form of EV infrastructure in place or countries that have shown ambition to become EV leaders. This has created the pecking order Norway, Germany, Netherlands, France and Switzerland.”
Apparently there is high interest and a backlog of a year for orders in Norway, and the vehicle isn't even for sale yet?!

I had a chat with Opel dealer in Trondheim, Norway few days ago. He said more than 3700 reservations were already placed in Norway alone, with estimated deliveries for new orders in June 2018.

Comment from Boris on the InsideEVs site: http://insideevs.com/opel-ceo-confirms-first-ampera-e-deliveries-norway-set-may/#comment-1156125