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I'm interested in helping my mom buy a used Bolt. Looking to spend hopefully less than 20k.

My question is this - for any of you that have watched the used Bolt market, has it experienced the same craziness that the rest of the used car market has ? Or has it been insulated somewhat because of the recall situation ?

(Seeing a posting that shows lots of used Bolts and their prices is nice, but it doesn't give me a bearing of whether this is a good time to buy, or if things are crazy-inflated. My mom doesn't 'need' to make the car move, so if prices are ridiculous, we can wait)

And regarding the recall situation, if we buy a car that has not had the battery 'fix' done, how long is the wait now days ? Will it get done in weeks, or many months ?

Thanks !
How long the battery fix takes depends on your place in line. The '19 models that were made in the last half of '18 are more suspect than the others and are being fixed first. I think Chevy wants to get this over with as soon as possible, so maybe 6-9 months for the rest of them? Just a guess.
At present, used Bolt prices are an anomaly in the marketplace. There are so few for sale in any given locale, chances of finding a steal deal are slim and none. Having said that, keep looking regionally; anything can be anywhere.

Bottom line - if you can find the right deal and get in line for a new battery, it will seem like a great deal this time next year.

jack vines
Thanks for the replies. I tried to 'like' them but couldn't figure out how.

I called the local Chevy dealer and was told that they didn't have any to sell because they were on a 'stop sale' due to the recall.

I'm guessing that as their individual vehicles get the 'fix' then they'll sell them. So private-party purchase if I needed it in a hurry, which I don't.

Thinking 2017 or 2018, so sounds like that wait may be longer too, based on one of the replies here.
Look at the non-Chevy Dealer used market and if you can find one with a Michigan manufactured battery (like mine 2019), instead of manufactured in South Korea, snap it up!

We were added to the recall in August, but I am not aware of any fires that occurred in a Michigan battery.
I just bought a 2022 Bolt EV 2LT with a new propulsion battery and a 12 month bumper to bumper warranty for $20,263 with tax and license. It has 7400 miles on it and it’s red.
Last month, I picked up my 2018 Premiere with 22k miles and a fresh battery replacement for $17,500. Car is in pristine condition; when I got the windows tinted the tech couldn't believe it was a 2018.