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Does anyone know if the 2018 Bolt's extendable visors fit without any modification on a 2017 Bolt? Are there 2 screws or 3?
WIngnut said:
I just looked up the visors in the GM parts site and found Volt R&L visors without lights, which cost less- so I am going to call the parts dept and see if they know if they telescope. Same covers.

Sun-visor, right, w/o vanity lamp
Part Number: 23223682

Sun-visor, left, w/o vanity lamp
Part Number: 23223680
Did you find out if these visors are also grey and telescoping?

I installed telescoping visors on our Bolts today...

I had one modification to the general instructions that I really like. The extendable visors all seem to have three screws holding it on, I suppose to compensate for the slightly more leverage that an extended visor would cause. This modification allowed me to use all three screws, and I think it was actually simpler to install too. No dremeling required!

First, the part list. I used the 2018 Volt parts, as the 2018 Bolt visors had only one screw according to the dealership's parts department, which scared me off. As it turns out, they are a little more "cloth-y" than the original visors, but actually match the headliner better than the originals. They might get dirtier easier than the "vinyl-y" originals though, so advantages & disadvantages.
  • 23223680 - Visor (no vanity lamp)
  • 23223682 - Visor (no vanity lamp)
  • 13511759 - Retainer
  • 13511760 - Retainer
  • 23438713 - Cover (need 2 of these)

The visors and retainers are left/right-specific (thus the separate part #'s), but the Cover is not.

First, follow the instructions from this thread to remove the old visor. I found that pushing up, then pull down while twisting it left or right gets one side of the clip detached, then try to twist the whole visor the opposite direction (right or left) while still pulling down. Repeat until it is loose. At this point, it should feel loose, but there is still a plastic plate above the headliner still clipped to the visor. I had to use a small flat-head screwdriver to pry the clips apart (one on each side), and eventually the visor fell out. You can look at your new Retainers to see the small clips on each side that need to be unclipped. The hard part is done.

Next, there is a white plastic retainer above the headliner, below the sheet metal. Push this towards the windshield, and reach in above the headliner at the very front of the headliner near the windshield to pull it out. You'll have to pull down a bit on the headliner. This is easier than I'm making it sound.

Next, slip in the new Retainer, and get it aligned. Make sure you have the correct one - the left & right are mirror-images of each other (they are marked with "L" and "R"). Also make sure the flat side is up. Get it aligned with the existing 2 holes. Make sure it is in the correct alignment, and front/back is correct. Its large irregular-shaped hole in the middle should align nicely with the existing hole in the sheet metal above it.

Now, time to drill a hole in the sheet metal for the third screw. I sort of laid myself sideways on the seat so I could look straight up, and got the plastic part perfectly aligned with the existing holes. Then I used a punch to mark the center of the third hole, and drilled a 7/64" hole there. I then screwed in a screw from the visor (the screws come with the visor, btw) to make sure the hole was going to work and get some threads in the sheet metal. Then remove the screw.

Now, snap the new visor in place. Tighten all three screws. Install the cover and you're done!

The new visors look great, I'm looking forward to no more gap!
Thought I'd give my report on doing this. No drilling, takes under 5 minutes once you figure it out.

I used the 2019 Chevy Bolt parts (the 2018 Chevy Bolt parts would also work, but the online vendor I was using had the wrong retainer clip part numbers for 2018. If this error was in the source data, it may show up at other vendors). The part numbers:

42647166 and 42597927 Extendible sun visors (comes with screws)
13507912 and 13507913 Plastic retainer clips for the sun visors
(2) 23438713 Split covers (escutcheons)

The only tool you need is a T-15 screw driver. The procedure:

1) Unscrew the two screws holding the existing visor in place.
2) Pull the visor out of the retainer rings, just rock it back and forth and around and pull. The only thing you could break is the plastic retainer ring, which you're replacing.
3) Now you see the hole in the headliner and the white plastic ring, it may be held to the sheet metal roof with some double sticky tape. The edge of the headliner directly windshield-ward of the hole is very close, you want to gentle pull it down. Then you slide the retainer ring towards the windshield to remove it.
4) Put in the new retainer ring in the correct orientation. I made sure I had the correct visor, spatially lined up the ring with the visor mounting plate to see everything would match, and found the two holes in the retainer the screws will pass through. Then I slid the retainer above the head liner and lined up the two screw locations with the threaded bosses in the roof.
5) Now you just snap the new visor into the retainer ring and tighten the screws. After that, extend the visor, slip the split cover over the bare metal rod and up to the mounting plate, and orient the split in the cover with the raised line on the mounting plate. Then the cover snaps into place.

Cheers, Wayne