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New member
Aug 17, 2019
I am leasing a Bolt and have a very silly question. I have never leased before and was wondering can maintenance be completed at any Chevy dealer or does it have to be done at the place of lease?

thanks in advance
If you do need any maintenance, it can be done at any dealer. Depending on the lease agreement, you can probably return the car to a different dealer as well. My first lease was a Spark EV and the first time it went back to a dealer (different dealer than the one I leased from) was to return it at 3 years. I'm nearing 2 years into the Bolt lease and it's long overdue for the battery monitoring recall. The one time I had an appointment for that their single EV tech was out for training that day, so it was a wasted trip. I'll try again and have them do a tire rotation while they're at it.
Yeah, since the car is under the normal warranty, it can be serviced at any Chevy dealer. I have read a few reports that some dealers don't sell or service Bolts, but those are the exception.