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Apr 3, 2021
I bought my Orange Blast Metallic Bolt EV Premier on April 1, 2017. I thought I might be tempting fate - buying a first model year car, full of cutting edge technology, built by General Motors, on April Fools Day. I was expecting many trips to the dealer to fix a litany of hardware and software issues. Nope. Didn’t happen. To my surprise, it’s the most reliable car I’ve ever owned. Yes, there have been a couple of recalls, including The Big One to replace the battery pack. My old battery pack was still giving me great range and no problems, but GM offered a new one with more range and a brand-new 80K warranty and I took it.

My first trip in Vinny, to Las Vegas back in 2017, was an adventure. Following an app that purported to help find charging stations sometimes led us to a single unattended 110 v outlet outside an abandoned store. But we made it. The most recent trip, to northern Arizona, was a breeze. Charging infrastructure has improved SO MUCH since 2017.

My Bolt has been my only car since 2017 and after 60,000 miles I can say it’s been a great car. I won’t go back to an ICE car when my Bolt’s days are done. I have seen the future. I have lived the future. It rocks. IMG_2748.jpegIMG_2174.jpeg
Drove off the lot on 1/1/2017 with an Orange Blast LT, with DCFC extra option. It's around 116,000 miles now. Got new pack thru the recall around 97kmiles, though the old pack was just fine. We didn't notice any degradation. A nice 'feature" with EV is the capability to have the rear hatch open for those occasional transport of extra long stuff. I wish Chevy would do a software update to add stop charge setting, the hill-top at 92% is a bit high for my taste. Picture of 10x solar panels sticking out the back:

That's a good way to extend your range even further: drive until you start running out of juice, then pull out the solar panels and a tent and wait until you get some more range...
Well I am very sad to report that my 2017 Bolt is no longer (almost) flawless. A friend (who has driven my car many times) borrowed it on Sunday to run an errand. Apparently he fell asleep at the wheel, crossed to the other side of the street, humped the curb, took outva couple of traffic signs and finally was stopped by a power pole. Fortunately, no other cars were involved and nobody was badly injured. But my poor Vynnie is a total loss. Seven years and nearly 70,000 miles of trouble-free service over in an instant, and I wasn’t even there.

When the insurance money cones through, I know what I’m going to be looking for as a replacement. Another Bolt, of course. Maybe an EUV this time. IMG_4954.jpeg