Price Check on 2019 Bolt LT - Is This a Good/Great Deal?

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New member
Nov 9, 2018
Hi Everyone,

New to this forum and I will be purchasing a 2019 Chevy Bolt soon.

I have a dealer offering a 2019 Bolt with the following options for $33,040.00 plus tax and license. I am in Southern California and would appreciate any feedback on this offer. Can I do better?

MSRP is $40,240.00
2019 Bolt LT
CCS Fast Charge Provisions
Driver Confidence Package
Driver Confidence Package II
Comfort and Convenience Package
Storage, rear cargo, double floor
LPO: Interior Protection Package
LPO: Wheel Locks
LPO, Cargo Net
$33040.00 plus tax and registration

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
Almost 18% discount. Looks pretty good to me. And, I assume you can still get the $7500 tax credit from the IRS.
Thats a VERY good deal for a '19. Depending on the California county you live in, TTL will be about $3500 (sales tax is based on county of registration not of the dealership). Usually, the 19's aren't as aggressively priced as the 18's but that one comes close. Also, I didn't know the Confidence package II was available on the LT now. Thats a very nice addition at that price.

By way of comparison I just this week bought a Red '18 with confidence, comfort, fast charge, double rear floor and cargo net for $36,054.99 OTD. That worked out to about $7300 below MSRP. I think you are doing better.
Seems about right in the SF Bay area now.

I just left on Sunday with a 2019 Prem Slate with DC2, Infotainment, and DCFC for $40,100 OTD. I also had an offer for $39,610 OTD for either a 2018 Prem in Red or a 2019 Prem in Silver ICE. All optioned the same. I opted for the color I wanted, even though it was a few hundred more.