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LeftieBiker said:
sunnyman said:
LeftieBiker said:
Is the suspension any more compliant due to the lighter weight?

I wouldn't know how to answer that. All i can say is the over all feel of the car and especially the steering is improved. The turn in, in particular is crisper and smoother.

I'm talking about how smoothly it takes bumps, especially small ones.

i don't notice any improvement in that regard.
Thanks. In theory a lighter wheel means better suspension compliance because of lower unsprung weight. In practice the suspension also has to be tuned more softly than the Bolt.
I found that the Cruze Eco wheels reduce bumps somewhat (not bigly), but what the car really needs is a set of Koni FSD shocks, to reduce transmitted shocks on small bumps, while stiffening roll resistance.
What do y'all think of my Bolts?

I have tried and tried to post a picture here with no luck. Will somebody give me instructions on how to do it?

I have been told the file was downloaded and have seen the file name display, but when I post the file does not show up.