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Jul 5, 2021
Greetings Bolt owner. I'm not currently a bolt owner but looking at purchasing a used one 17-18 model as my next work car; but I have a few questions that hopefully some of you can help me with. And before anyone ask yes I have done hours of research and can't find definitive answers.

For starter the Bolt will be my work car, my commute is 73 miles one way 146 round trip. From Ukiah ca to Petaluma ca, it a constant 65-70 mph trip with some hills and corners.

1. It is said the bolt has a 238 range will this be accurate for my drive. And will it still be the same in the winter we do have single mornings no sub zero.

2. I don't have access where I'm living to 220v plug in, so no level 2 charging. So it will have to be charged with a level 1 changer set to 12 amps. The car will get a complete 12 hours a night. Will this be enough to get me to work and home. And I can't charge it at work. Also it will not be used on the weekends I have a another car I can drive around town after work and on the weekends, so it can get a full charge.

Sorry about it being so long and thanks for any help.
The fly in the ointment is your charging situation. At 120V and 12 amps, you'll be charging around 1kW which will give you around 4 miles added range per hour of charging. Not enough for your 146 mile round trip. You can find chargers near you (or along your commuting route) by looking at plugshare (app for your phone or web based). Set the filters for CCS (fast chargers) and J1772 (level 2 chargers).

Other than you charging situation, I'd say you could make it. It'll be close in winter but you could mitigate that some by preconditioning before you leave for work.
If you have two 120 volt outlets that are out of phase, you can use the Quick 220 system to get access to 220 volts:

Also you can DIY add an adapter to the GM charger and get 220 volt 12 amps of charging.

With 12 hours charging weekdays and constant charging weekends, you should be able to cover 146 daily miles.

In the Winter you might have to visit a CCS Fast Charger either at the Burger King in Ukiah or elsewhere on your trip: check out

Be sure the Bolt EV you purchase has the DCFC Fast Charger option. It is a crime that this is not standard!!
No level 2 charging at home or work and a 146 mile commute? .. It's asking a lot from level 1 charging only. With a little planning and the Plugshare app you should be able to work out a routine using public DCFC or Level 2 chargers ..

For most EV drivers never having to go to a gas station again is well worth the effort.