How to Turn Off Infotainment Screen

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Is there a way to turn off the Infotainment screen without turning off the radio? I know we can turn off the screen and the radio by holding down the power button/volume dial. Surely there must be a way to turn off the screen without killing the sound system? I'm not having any luck figuring it out or finding it in the manual...
If you hold down the power button, mine pops up with a screen “Do you wish to enter low power mode?”

If yes, the screen goes dark, but all functionality remains. Pressing any button or knob lights up the screen for 10 seconds then it goes dark again.

Try it. Try adjusting the volume up after your screen goes dark. Maybe you are evoking “mute” by accident.
If you navigate to the menu screen ( four colorful dots ) you will find Low Power Mode. Touch it. Everything should go dark and music will continue.