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Feb 6, 2017
SF Bay Area
Returned my Bolt to the dealer on Sunday 2/2. Only put 7972 miles on it in the 3 years that I leased it. It was in "as new" condition w/current red CA HOV stickers on it; all other CA HOV stickers are no longer valid. Whoever gets it in resale will be a very lucky person.

The only EV that I'd consider buying/leasing now is a Tesla S but I've already got a 4 door sedan and the Model S is too big to fit in my garage w/o needing to move something and I don't have any place to move anything. So, no Model S for me for now.

Despite the few miles that I put on it, I really liked the Bolt and might consider leasing another in the future if I can get a good deal on one but with 5 other cars still in my stable, I'm in no rush to do so.

Ciao! ;)
What a waste of purchased miles!

Purple HOV stickers are valid too.

See you sometime on Hiway 4! :roll: