One Week Bolt Review and Comparison with Prior Electric Cars

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ScooterCT said:
Another interesting thing - he mentioned no wheel spin on takeoff, as traction control kicked in. That was interesting, because other reviews have commented on how easy it is to screech the tires on fast starts. Odd contradiction.


I've only had mine 24 hours.

I find the wheels spin easily in sport mode and not in normal mode. Kind of logical I guess.

This leads me to recommend never use sport mode in wet weather.
I Just got my Bolt this past Friday, so only about 200 miles on it so far. I am currently at 4.2 miles per kwh. All of my driving has been in L because I like the one pedal driving dynamic. I am curious though if you are seeing higher efficiency in D coasting and using Regen from the steering wheel or just in L like I am doing.