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Feb 6, 2017
SF Bay Area
So, I just made my OnStar "Welcome call" yesterday, which was obviously just an "upsell" opportunity for the company but it got me thinking

. . .

Exactly what services do I lose if I do not continue the OnStar service after the 3 month trial?

I took a look at OnStar's website and it says that MOST cars (2011 and newer) come w/their Basic Plan which includes Remote Access and other features which appear to form the basis of the "My Chevrolet" app. See: https://www.onstar.com/us/en/plans-pricing.html

This was NOT mentioned during my "Welcome Call" -- obviously because the rep wanted to immediately upsell me into one of the monthly plans.

So, does the 2017 Bolt comes w/the Basic OnStar plan and will we will still have access to all of the functions of the "My Chevrolet" app after the 3 month trial of the OnStar service expires?
Maxters said:
I believe we get basic for 5 years

Hope you're right. That would be fine since my lease is up in 3 years. Sales rep said nothing about it when going over the car and haven't seen it written down anywhere. Will contact him to see if he can confirm this.
Just received confirmation from my sales rep that the OnStar service comes w/the "basic plan" for 5 years. So anyone else, like me, w/a 3 year lease has nothing to worry about.

People who bought/financed their Bolt and plant to keep the car longer than 5 years, who want to continue to use the remote keyfob and other OnStar features will have to consider paying for the service after that time.
I just hope I can access the charge status and get notice when the car is unplugged on my phone.
That is handy. If free for 5 years that is cool.
My understanding from speaking with OnStar and Sales is that with the Basic Plan, the only thing available on the App will be the Remote Commands. No status capability. I think it would be helpful to know the Parked Location too. So basically lock and unlock the car.
Wish someone could find out for certain which options will be available after the 3 months.
thorin78 said:
Wish someone could find out for certain which options will be available after the 3 months.

I think Chevy must have made some deal w/OnStar to keep the MyChevrolet app features functional under the Basic Plan for the 5 years it's suppose to last.

Otherwise, why have the app and partner w/OnStar when the app would essentially become useless after 3 months? All this will generate are calls asking what's wrong w/the app and anger/annoyance among in the customer base.

They've got to be a lot smarter than that and, even if that's going to happen, the better thing to do would to warn us it's going to happen so that we're not surprised and use that info to try to upsell us earlier to continue subscribing w/Onstar.

Guess all of us (like me) who don't sign up will find out in 3 months.