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May 7, 2021
New to this forum. 2020 Bolt Premier . The 4 USB ports do not work to charge my iPhone. Before I take it to the dealer I thought I'd see if anyone here has any suggestions.

This was a recent topic in this or the other forum I keep an eye on. Yes, the USB in the Bolt (and most cars) is very weak. My iPhone SE about maintains its charge level while running Google maps but doesn't really gain any charge. I believe when I tested it that it only showed about .94 amps which isn't exactly the normal 2.1 amps needed for decent charging of a phone or tablet. It's what GM put in and probably can't change it.
Purchase one of those cigarette lighter accessories that provides higher capacity USB ports and plug it in under the front dash.

That’s what I did, in addition to making Apple Carplay wireless, so I could charge my iPhone while running the Uber Driver app and Waze at the same time.

Thanks to SparkE who originally made this suggestion.