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Sep 21, 2019
Anyone in California want to get out of a lease? Please contact me if so.

I don't want to take on a full three year obligation with all the new cars coming up soon, but a year or two might be good

Check out Swap-a-Lease:

For what it's worth....

I leased a brand new one for much less than anything listed on leasetrader or swapalease. Plus...I don't need to argue with the people trying to get out over the fees to GM Finance (most expect the person getting in to pay the fee) or over the $2500 that they already received from the state (and plan to keep even though they are getting out of the lease early)

Getting a new one was a much cleaner deal
Premier with DCFC, Infotainment, Awareness 3 ($44K MSRP). 12K miles, zero driveaway, $379 per month including all taxes (35 payments of $379). Applied $1000 GM Buypower balance. I will also get $2000 CVRP
Seems like a pretty good deal for another lease. Why not $2,500 from California? Did it drop on January 1?

michaelbolt said:
I don't want to take on a full three year obligation with all the new cars coming up soon, but a year or two might be good.
That was my theory three years ago when I leased my 2017 Bolt EV, but three years later I am disappointed at the competitive “progress.”

So, after running the numbers, I purchased my new 2019 and if something truly evolutionary comes up later, I will give this one to my daughter and her family, so she can dump her 2002 VW.
$2500 dropped to $2000, yes. And additional restrictions...now you can get once only per registered owner. Also price limits on the car, maximum $60K MSRP so Tesla S and X ineligible.

This car replaces a leased Volt. I've got a second Volt coming up for lease return shortly. Let's see how the Bolt works out for us...might get a second one or might consider something else. Although exactly as you say...what? Mustang seems appealing but won't be available in time to help me. Dealers are asking way too much for Kona (Bolt seems much better value). Tesla 3 is attractive but price is well outside of my comfort zone. Jaguar and Audi not only are too large for my taste, but price is unthinkable to me. So a second Bolt seems a likely choice.

I am SO ANNOYED at GM for dropping the Volt. A Bolt and a Volt make a great fleet for a couple. My wife is already backpedaling on having two Bolts..."what if we want to drive to San Francisco or Las Vegas". While those trips are definitely possible in a Bolt, they are much easier in a Tesla, and non-events in a Volt.

But one can get two Bolts for the price of a single Tesla 3 Hard to argue...
You still looking? I have 10 months left on my lease with an average of 1500 miles per month remaining. I barely drive it and my mileage is at 14Kish. It's a blue, LT with heated seats and DCFC. Must be in California. LMK if you're interested. The charger is brand new, never opened. Car is super clean. Garaged every night. Mature driver. Only dealer serviced, etc.