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Jan 10, 2019
So, browsing the net and came across the Charge Port Illumination kits available for both the Volt and the Bolt. I find the more I look into these, the more I want them. The instructions say to test the install, have the vehicle "ON" then open the charge port door and it will light up...I have the following questions:

Do any of you Bolt owners out there have this kit installed?

When I pull into my less than adequately lit garage, I turn off my car, get out, and plug in the charger. Do I have to leave the car on, get out, open the charger door, see the light, plug in the charger, then, get back into the vehicle to turn the Bolt off? Or will the charge port light turn on when the door is opened while the car is turned off?

Thanks in advance, just want to know how the port illuminator reacts if the car is off.

Thanks in advance.
I'm afraid that I can't answer any of your questions, but if you have a Premiere model an easy way to deal with a dark charging port is to turn on the 4-way flashers so that the turn signal on the mirror lights up the charge port area. It's not as sexy as an illuminated charge port, but it works and after you hook up the car, turn off the flashers and walk away you won't have a big green circle flashing on and off attracting potentially unwanted attention.
Adding one of those "key fob mini lights" to your keychain works great, as does keeping a really small LED flashlight in your glovebox.
And a google search for :

chevy bolt Illuminated Charge Port

finds a lot of hits on this forum.
SparkE said:
And a google search for :

chevy bolt Illuminated Charge Port site:

finds a lot of hits on this forum.

I reject all your above ideas as they are not as sexy as that bowtie illuminator :D

Thanks for the site though, headed over there next.
The $29 thingy, is easy to install and requires NO attention to turn on and off; it is automatic with opening the door and a built in timer turns it off while charging.

I never have to think about it again!

GM should add one for future models.