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Jan 21, 2017
Does anyone know if the OEM tires on a 2017 Bolt have a warranty? At 30k miles (mostly local pottering and not much high speed highway use) ours are quite worn and I doubt any good beyond 36k, which doesn't seem very much to me for a "non-sporting" application.

The Michelin Green X 215/50 R17 supposedly now has a 6 year 65k mile tread warranty according to Michelin, so I wonder if we have any grounds for a treadwear warranty claim on the originals?

FWIW, American Tire offers the Michelin Green X 215/50 R17 at $162, does this seem reasonable for a "self-sealing" tire?
Tire warranty is often hard to get and most EV's have short lived tires due to the high torque involved. Unless you have documented proof (a shop, not yourself in the driveway) of regular rotations it probably isn't worth your hassle to work through the system. But you can float an email to the manufacturer's customer support and see what you get back.
My 2017 Bolt EV had the original tires on it as I returned the lease at 44,640 miles.