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Nov 16, 2021
Has any one had GM replace their battery yet? They were supposed to be delivering the batteries last month to their dealers for replacements.
As I understand their notice, it is not a battery replacement but a battery rebuild of the cells into our existing batteries.

If that is true, it will take GM forever to rebuild all of our batteries.

It must be some trick to buy time while they come up with a better solution IMHO.

Having a Michigan built battery, I just don't lose any sleep over the problem!
Numerous folks have had their packs replaced under recall. See table at

I had an interesting chat w/the service advisor after I had the 883 (for '19 only right now) 80% limiter temp patch installed. See

Folks with '17 to '19 Bolts should really check their status via 1 of the methods in the 1st URL to see if they've been flipped to 881 w/just INCOMPLETE or OPEN. There was a big batch on 12/3/21, that included my '19 w/MIU pack.